Metal Beds

Metal Beds

Comfortable rest begins with choosing the right bedroom furniture. As a manufacturer of metal beds, we offer unique interior design elements. On the one hand, simple and austere, on the other extremely elegant and practical.


Take a look at the projects! These include:
• military metal bunk beds,
• house beds for children and adults
• beds for tents, hospitals, hotels, hostels and dormitories.


Practical and stylish metal beds

Metal beds, as well as other furniture made of this material, are extremely popular nowadays. If you decorate your interior in an industrial or minimalist style, you will surely notice the proposals of PlastStol. As a manufacturer, we can offer you many solutions – beds for houses and flats, but also hotels or medical facilities. Their production is always based on your guidelines, on a carefully prepared project.

We have the necessary machine park at our disposal, making it possible to carry out the job comprehensively. You will receive from us a finished bed with a metal frame, in the exact shape and size that you need. These are both single, double, and bunk bed structures. We can paint them in the colour of your choice – neutral white and black are the most popular.

We invite you to cooperate with PlastStol. We can make for you single beds, as well as undertake serial production. All products will be repeatable, with the same technical and visual parameters.


Manufacturer of metal beds


Contact us to talk about the offer.


Outline your expectations and ideas.


Commission the design, manufacture, transport and installation.


Enjoy your new metal bed from the manufacturer.

Metal military beds

We provide military metal beds to customers from towns and cities such as Piła, Złotów, Szczecinek or Chojnice. Order more metal beds from the manufacturer.

Metal single and bunk beds

The trendy Provence or industrial style has increased the demand for metal bunk beds. We make them for double, children and hotel bedrooms.

Order a metal bed from Plast Stol

At Plast Stol, we will design and manufacture a customised metal bed - single, bunk, 2- or 3-part. You can buy a matching mattress.
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