Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

We offer our customers professional injection moulding services. This is a technique commonly used, especially in mass production. It makes it possible to manufacture plastic products quickly, accurately and economically. Thanks to its wide range of possibilities, it is perfect for the production of car parts, as well as medical equipment or toys for children.


Injection Technology

Plastics are injection-moulded by heating a measured portion of the original material in the form of granules or small pieces of chopped strips. The material is then plasticised at high temperature, injected under pressure into the mould and remains there until it solidifies.

Comprehensive Moulding Services

Plast Stol has a modern and extensive machine park. This means that we can manufacture any item and reproduce it in tens, hundreds, or even thousands of copies. Quickly and flawlessly!

Production to Order

Injection moulding makes it possible to carry out simple and complex orders for the moulding of products in any shape. We prepare the moulds and then plan the production process. Even several different parts can be produced at the same time, which significantly reduces waiting times.

Plast Stol – Reliable Partner

Why is it worth cooperating with us in the production of parts by injection moulding? Because we approach the needs of our customers flexibly. We act professionally, precisely and always on time. We guarantee high-quality order execution. We operate throughout the country.

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