Post Bases and Anchors

Post Bases and Anchors

Your comfort of sleep depends on the bed you rest on. To provide you with maximum comfort, a piece of furniture must consist of several elements that work together. One of them – apart from the frame and mattress – is plastic elements for spring slats. They are manufactured at Plast Stol.


Openness to your needs

At Plast Stol, we listen to our customers’ needs and respond to them dynamically. This is how we create plastic frame elements fitting single and double beds.


Reliable Finishing Parts

Every large construction consists of small elements. The ones we offer are of exceptional quality – they are very solid, made exactly to the size expected by the customer. Custom order processing means we can design and manufacture just the anchors and bases you need. Contact us to discuss the offer and to request a quote. We will prepare it for you based on how many elements you order, their size and material, among other things.

We invite customers from all over Poland to cooperate with us. We offer remote pricing of orders, as well as delivering them quickly and safely. We ensure our production is done on time, and thanks to the fact that we have our own machine park and do not use subcontractors, we are able to meet all obligations. We control the anchor production process from start to finish. Comprehensiveness is what sets us apart from our competitors.


How to order plastic elements?


Contact us to talk about the offer.


Outline your expectations and ideas.


Commission the design, manufacture, transport and installation.


Enjoy a comfortable bed with a strong base.

Plastic parts for beds

Do you want to invest in strong bed parts? Choose pockets from Plast Stol – holders for spring slats. We make them of solid PVC or SBS.

Components from Plast Stol

Plast Stol provides components – plastic parts that have a significant impact on the bed finishing. Such parts are available in so many variants that you will fit them to any furniture model without any problem.

Choose plastic bed parts

Why is it worth choosing plastic holders for slats? Because they fasten whole frames together, protecting them from creaking or deforming. Learn more about their role.
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